[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/nhatrangart/images/icons/business.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Business Experience”]Newbrain’s founders created Property.com.au, Australia’s first national real estate portal. They have specialised in Business-to-Business


[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/nhatrangart/images/icons/coporate.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Corporate Experience”]Newbrain’s founders have consulted to Edward de Bono’s World Institute of Thinking, large companies & multinationals & developed


[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/nhatrangart/images/icons/rural.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Rural Experience”]Newbrain created the Angus Society and Shorthorn beef breed websites as well as the first websites for Australia’s Stock and Station Agents.


[bra_icon_box icon=”wp-content/themes/nhatrangart/images/icons/wide.png” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Wide Experience”]Newbrain introduced website training, has built finance & retirement village websites, apps & optimised for mobile phones & iPads.






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Website & App Development Skills and Experience

  • Years of online and website design skills and experience
  • Ready to update your image to the World
  • Enhance the marketing of your products and services.
  • Our experience makes this important process as smooth as possible.

Easy To Use Website Content Management System (CMS)

  • List multiple personnel and offices
  • Manage your products with an online catalogue yourself
  • Add and edit images without paying developers ridiculous fees
  • Easily take payments or EFT

You will be surprised at how easily you can manage your website’s content.

For Any Platform – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and PC’s

Specialising In:

  • Business sites including E-Commerce/ Shopping
  • Real estate (Including XML feeds/uploads to real estate portals)
  • Stock & Station (Livestock & Rural Property)

Marketing you & your product as strongly as possible via your new website design is our goal. Some of our website development is here

Save Time and Save Money

Time is Money in the online development industry:

  • Easy to use content management system (CMS) – Saves Time & Money
  • Why pay for content changes when you can do it easily and for FREE yourself.
  • Inexpensive hosting – Saves Money
  • Experienced expertise across many industries provides – Saves Time & Money